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Fact: 60% of property investors lose money and 12% of all Australian properties are resold for a loss.


However, savvy property investors understand that in order to be part of the 40% that make money out of property you need to do four things:

  1. Take a long term position (it takes time)
  2. Buy in an affordable area with proven high capital growth potential (the more you pay the harder it is to make money)
  3. Own the land (They are not making any more of it)
  4. Maximise your deductions (buying a new property maximises your deductions)


How do you become a savvy investor?



Fact: According to leading research company Core Logic, 60% of property investors lose money and 12% of all Australian properties are resold for a loss.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in property - many fortunes have been made this way. In fact, property is the number one source of wealth for the vast majority of Australia’s top 200 wealthiest people.

According to the BRW (Business Review Weekly, the magazine responsible for the Australia Rich 200 list),

“While fortunes of our industrialists, IT wizards and mining billionaires’ waxes and wanes, looking back over the years no matter how the Australian economy changes, the Rich 200 has always been dominated by property entrepreneurs.

In Australia, this figure hasn’t budged much for the last 35 years.

No other single investment has been as likely to deliver steady returns over the past three decades.

And you’ll find that many of those who made their money in other sectors stored it in real estate”.

So, what do you need to do to make money out of property?

First, without thorough independent research and, without unbiased local knowledge property investors are at far greater risk of their property dream becoming a nightmare.

Most first time investors buy property in an area they know, and to be frank, for most people that’s probably the best way to get comfortable with owning an investment property. It doesn’t guarantee the best capital growth or yield but it does make first time investors feel better being able to see their investment.

But once investors get comfortable with what property investment is all about, they start to understand what they are actually looking for.

They begin to realise what they actually need in an investment property, and that is properties with high potential capital growth that have a low risk exposure, and those properties tend not to be the place next door or just around the corner from their house. That’s a savvy investor.

At Oliver Myers we undertake intensive, rigorous research in potential high growth areas, areas that we know back to front, areas with a proven track record and projected capital growth.

In fact, we guarantee our clients that the research we provide is the best, most up to date data available, that way our clients are making decisions based on verifiable data, not emotion.

We work with savvy first and second time investors to secure properties in select areas where they own the residence and the land it sits on. Because while investing in a unit might look attractive, you don’t own the land.

We’d love to help you maximise the return on your investment property. To get you started, we’ve written a book based on our experience and research.

If you’d like us to send you a complimentary copy, visit www.wealththroughpropertybook.com.au.

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