Property Buyers Expo - why is everyone ignoring the Central Coast and Hunter Valley?

I had the opportunity last week to attend the Property Buyers Expo at Sydney Olympic Park.

It was great to see a mixture of stands - from lending institutions to developers; from education on how to make money from real estate or from renovations; from data and research firms to real estate agents.

They all had their take on why buying property is a great thing. And I agree - buying property is a great thing. Like a big brick and mortar money box.

HOWEVER, the one thing that amazed me was that nearly everyone there was basing their displays and talks on markets like Western Sydney, Perth and South East Queensland. Apart from one Newcastle based firm I talked to, there was no-one there expounding the virtues of the Central Coast or the Hunter Valley.

I am a big advocate of the Central Coast and Hunter Valley areas, and can’t understand why people are still focusing on places like Western Sydney where the prices are all extremely high, and the commute to Sydney is over 2 hours, when you can travel to Sydney from the Central Coast or Newcastle in under that time, and also have a quality lifestyle for much less financial outlay.

With the new aeronautical manufacturer starting in Warnervale, the new cruise terminal in Newcastle that is being built, the V8 Supercar race being in held in Newcastle in 2017, and the University Innovation Hubs, not to mention the Gosford Development that is underway, the Central Coast and Newcastle/Hunter areas are blossoming with jobs, tourism, and enterprise.

We should capitalise on this NOW and invest in real estate in this area before the rest of the country catches on as to how good we have it.


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