Which would you prefer?

On realestate.com.au this week there was an article on houses recently sold on the Central Coast for under $600,000.

Looking at the houses in the article, I notice a common thread. All of them are old. Very Old. The old picture on the left above even boasts an 'outside dunny'.

If you were looking at one of these investment properties, you would have to get a very high rental return to make any money and the ongoing expenses would be huge.

However, the picture on the right shows a brand new home near to Maitland for under $500,000. Maitland may be further away from Sydney, but it is within a vibrant growing community where there are many tenants that live and work in that area that are just waiting for a new home to reside in. 

Maitland is recognised as one of the highest growth areas in the state, with experts predicting that up to 5000 houses are needed in the next few years to keep up with the demand.


Compare OLD

  • expensive and high maintenance costs
  • little or no depreciation
  • high vacancy rate

to NEW

  • low maintenance and 6-year builders structural warranty
  • good depreciation
  • high occupancy
  • stamp duty savings
  • better rate of return for your investment outlay


When you want to buy an investment property that can give you a good return on that investment, come and talk to us and we can get you started. 


The link to the article is here if you want to read it in it's entirety. Photo courtesy of realestate.com.au