Financial Benefits from Buying New Homes #1 - Depreciation

Welcome to the first in a series of 3 articles about the financial benefits of buying new homes off the plan.



Budget 2017 made some major changes for real estate investors, and there are still some people confused about what this means.


The changes remove a subsequent owner's ability to claim a depreciation deduction for plant and equipment (these are the ones that are easily removable or mechanical fixtures and fittings). The changes won't affect your ability to claim the capital works component (which includes the wear and tear of the building structure and fixed items).


The way to ensure you can claim for both plant & equipment AND capital works components of depreciation is to buy a new home as your investment property.


If you want more information from professionals in depreciation, please visit BMT Quantity Surveyors and read their article on the budget changes to depreciation:


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