Financial Benefits from Buying New Homes #3 - Turning Savings into Capital Growth

Historically, your money will grow faster in property than by savings in the bank. Capital growth gives you a financial bonus.

It can be shown that if you buy a new home in a growth area where you can afford, then the equity in that property can be far greater than regular savings.

In order to capitalise on the growth in the Hunter Valley, buying now is key. Prices have already started to climb in this area. In Thornton for example, prices on new homes have jumped $49,000 in the last 18 months.


How long would it take you to save an additional $20,000?? 12 months or more??


If it would take you longer than 12 months to put aside an additional $20,000, then by the time you have saved that much, house prices will likely have increased by over twice that. 

If you buy a new home off the plan home now, you secure the property at today's price. If the land doesn’t register for another 6-12 months then you are ahead, because the land price will continue to rise with each release, but your purchase price will not. 

Enjoy capital growth by doing nothing but buying a new home that you can afford right now. That's a smart investment strategy.


Talk to us about how to make your current savings work for you. Buy a full turnkey fixed price new home at today's prices, and watch your equity grow by doing nothing more.

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