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No Sydney Suburbs with a median price of under $500k.

No Sydney Suburbs with a median price of under $500k.

  • 19 Oct 2017

An article by The Urban Developer this week has remarked that there are "no suburbs in Sydney with a median price under $500,000"


The closest to that half-million mark is Tregear and Wilmott in Sydney's West.


Our research has shown that the median prices for houses in the Camden, Penrith, and Blacktown areas are all over the $500,000 mark. This means Sydney is still the least affordable place to live in Australia.


Compare that to the Newcastle and the Hunter Valley areas where median prices are well under the $500k, and that also have facilities, shops, beaches, vineyards and other attractions much closer than what the average Western Sydneysider would be used to.


Do yourself a favour - contact us to see for yourself what UNDER $500,000 can get you in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Proven Trusted Authority

Tony has most definitely proved himself to be the trusted authority when it comes to wealth through property investment! With his professional approach, Tony has assuredly created an opportunity that may not have otherwise been possible for me. His personal ethics shine through and I cannot thank him and his team enough for their 5 star service, and willingness to go the extra mile in customer satisfaction. Thank you Tony, for your wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping build a successful property portfolio for my retirement!!

- Engelina B

Tony took his time to meet my requirements

When looking for a property for my parents, I was introduced to Tony. After I described my requirements, he took the time to show me areas that fulfilled my requirements, and then specific locations, floor plans and similar new homes that he believed, based on my criteria, would be suitable. Thank you Tony.

- Mac

Nothing but wonderful!

My venture into my first home on the coast was made easy by the support from Tony and his team. They were nothing but wonderful!

- Katherine
Hamlyn Terrace

Willing to go the extra mile

Tony and his team were willing to go the extra mile to show us properties in new and growing areas that would be suitable to include in our investment portfolio. Following our earlier success in securing a new build on land in the Newcastle region, we were keen to investigate other locations which would provide capital growth and good rental return with a low vacancy factor. His team thoroughly researched all those requirements and provided great options.

- Roger Smith
Tea Gardens