Can you believe the headlines? Not this time

"If you can believe the headlines, Australian property values are falling. The thing is, you can’t believe the headlines. In most of our major markets, values are not falling at all."  - Terry Ryder (June 2018)


The press are stating that national values are falling - but if you look past the scaremongering and look closely at the true data you will see the following:

  • Regional areas overall are rising.
  • Five of the eight capital cities are rising.
  • The only significant market showing annual decline is Sydney, but the size of that market is dragging down the overall average.

 Inspired by that reality, Terry puts Newcastle/Hunter Region in his Top 10 leading cities with growth trajectories in 2018. He says

"The City of Newcastle has been one of the nation’s outstanding markets recently. Values overall have increased in double digits and many suburbs have grown their median house prices by over 20 percent. The local economy is thriving and the affordability comparison with Sydney has helped. Now the growth is rippling out to nearby areas, including the towns of the Hunter region."


This means the Hunter Region is the perfect place to invest in property.