Why is it that you should perform a title search??

A number of reasons spring to mind:

* Ensuring that your property is correctly listed. Your property is a valuable investment. Ensuring that the torrens title search accurately lists your property, DP and Lot number is critical for when it comes time to sell, or to use any capital to secure further investment or loans. And discrepancy in the detail on the title can significantly delay processing times. Not only that it can cost you time and money too. Money such as hefty penalty fees and time that is taken to sort out and get the property you do on correctly listed. 

*Ensuring name/s on the title are correctly listed. Simple things such as incorrectly spelled names can cause very costly delays. It is vital to ensure that your documents that certify who you are (license, birth certificate, passport), accurately match what is written on your sale and title documents.

Delays can include a falling through on settlement of your property purchase, due to incorrect names or spelling. This can cost money in payments such as default interest payments, until the problem with correct spelling or names can be rectified.

Torrens Title Searches can be carried out via the NSW Land & Property Information - at http://www.lpi.nsw.gov.au/land_titles/public_registers/torrens_title_register